The Lone Handwipe

2020, 33 sec., video, sound.

The last handwipe in the west. Made during quarantine, this stop motion animation is a satire of the mass hysteria that was rampant during the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic. 

A Line Is A Dot That Went For A Walk

2020, aprox. 1 min., video, silent.

Part of a series inspired by artist's quotes using playful techniques of stop motion animation and materials such as scrabble letters and Colorforms.

Walosi (The Frog)

2018, aprox. 3 min.,16mm, live sound with audience participation.

Nvdo walosi ugisgo. Nvdo tsulisihvsgiyi. (Sun/Moon the frog eats it. The time when the sun/moon get dark.)

Shadow animation based on the Cherokee celebration of the eclipse.

Red Rover

A. Glenn & R. Guma, 2014, video animation, sound.

Screened as a commercial for Official Office (in conjunction with E.S.P. TV), a 24 hour rotating broadcast project between RECESS (NYC) and STORE (Dresden) in winter 2014. 

Experiments in Hand-Made Emulsion

2013, 30 sec, 16 mm, silent.

Photograms created as part of the MONO NO AWARE Hand-Made Emulsion Workshop under the instruction of Kevin Rice & Sarah Biagini, Process Reversal Collective. Processed at Negativland Darkroom, transferred by DiJiFi.

Experiments in Animation

2013, 41 sec, video, sound.

Glasses dancing to the tune of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, à la Busby Berkley.

The Poison Tree

2006, 2 min, 16 mm, b&w, silent.

A shadow animation re-telling of the poem A Poison Tree, by William Blake.