2019, 6 min, video, live sound.

Using both the horse locomotion photographic studies of Eadweard Muybridge and footage of an early train wreck by Thomas A. Edison, each section is manipulated to study motion, experiments in color theory, and image combinations.


2018, 2:40 min., Super 8, live sound.

Take a rocket ship to planet RG3091 in order to escape the everyday pressures of planet earth.


Twin Guns, 2017

Official video I created for "Imaginary World", title track from TWIN GUNS new album (2017, 5 min, Super 8).


2016,  approx. 10 min, Expanded Cinema performance, Super 8, mirrors, glass organ, lumia.

A composition in 4 movements for 2 Super 8 projectors, mirrors and glass organ. Synthetic treatments and lumia by Gabriel Guma. REDNOWWONDER is a play between mirrors, reflections, and the elements that govern us all. 

Blue is for water, cold, refreshing, still.

Purple is for air, clouds, birds on window sills. 

Yellow is for flowers, sunlight, trees, and earth. 

Red is for fire, metal, flames, rebirth. 

\venice/ /florence\ |rome|

2014, 7 min, video, live sound.

Technology fails on a voyage to Italy as a broken point & shoot camera warps and transforms images of Venetian canals, a train ride to Florence, and the ancient ruins of Rome. Soundtrack composed by Gabriel Guma.


2013, 3 min, Super 8 mm, silent.

Fragments of dancing feet, feathers, and brilliant costumes at the Festival des Artes Autochtones du Solstice d’été et des Compétitions Internationales du Powwow Annual, Ottawa, Canada.


Kids Playing in Front Yard

2006, 7 min, VHS, color, sound.

A deeply personal film re-edited with footage from my aunt’s home movies. Bird eggs hatch, my cousin learns to ride a bike, and the adults in my life invade the world of childhood innocence.

18fps, 45rpm, 3spi

2005, 3-5 min, Super 8, live sound.

Super 8 found-footage film of the needle of a sewing machine blown up to 16 mm, hand-sewn, re-photographed back to Super 8, and hand-processed. The image of a pulsating needle as the thread punctures through the surface of the film strip, while the sound of a stylus needle scratches the surface of a rotating record player.  


2005, 3 min, Super 8, silent.

Shot in glorious Kodachrome, WASTE delights in the discarded.  Littered throughout the city streets, these candy wrappers, fast food containers, and coffee cups invade the screen as Ronald McDonald and the Starbucks mermaid vie for the spotlight.